Performance for the Planet

At WIN Waste Innovations, we think sustainably, operate responsibly, and help reduce your environmental impact like no other company can. Our customers share our commitment to taking action that’s good for the planet.

Sustainability at Every Step

Using our four-step curb-to-grid process, we recover a substantial amount of energy from waste, send it to the electrical grid, and then back to power the communities we serve.

Collecting Your Waste

We use advanced analytics and logistics software to plan our routes. That’s how we can pick up your waste in a way that's more efficient and less environmentally impactful.

Recovering and Recycling Metals

We recover the renewable attributes from your waste, then sustainably handle and dispose of what’s left. That cuts down on the consumption of raw materials and our reliance on fossil fuels.

Extracting Energy and Turning Waste into Power

We convert much of your waste into renewable energy that powers the community, including houses, hospitals, and schools.

Revealing Your Reductions

Whether you’re a local business or an area resident, you’ll get to see a detailed summary of the positive effect created by your commitment to sustainability.

From Curb-to-Grid, Give a Boost to Your Bottom Line

Sustainable solutions do more than protect the future of our planet — they enhance your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance, which can help drive profits.

Customize It: Convert 100% of Your Waste into Power

Have waste disposal needs that are big and complex? We offer solutions that are robust, scalable, and customizable. With our Green Glove Services, we’ll work with you on a plan that meets your needs, no matter how big, while minimizing your environmental impact — by converting up to 100% of your waste into renewable power.

Make a Positive Impact on Our Planet

As a leader in waste management, we believe it's our duty to be good stewards for our planet. Our curb-to-grid process enables our customers to share in our sustainability commitment, lessening your environmental impact through our services. Here's why curb-to-grid is a smart, responsible solution.

Creating Renewable Energy

Curb-to-grid creates power from waste, then sends it to the electric grid and back to power the communities we serve.

90% Less Waste to Landfills

We extract as many recoverable resources from waste as possible, reusing and recycling rather than disposing in landfills.

Reduced GHG Emissions

We use waste volume reduction and landfill diversion to reduce harmful methane emissions.

Lower Fossil Fuel Dependency

By creating an alternative, renewable energy source, we lessen our collective reliance on and usage of fossil fuels.

Safer for the Environment

We consistently outperform regulatory and industry standards, and our curb-to-grid process supports a more environmentally friendly waste solution.

Endorsed by the U.S. EPA

Our method of end disposal is preferred and endorsed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as part of a sustainable materials management strategy.

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