Waste Disposal Services

Non-hazardous waste disposal solutions you can count on.


Customized, Compliant Disposal Solutions

When the waste from your business can’t be disposed of in the traditional way, WIN Waste Innovations can help. We can safely and responsibly dispose of non-hazardous waste that needs special treatment or handling.


When it Comes to Waste, We Move Millions

We’re one of the largest integrated waste-by-rail companies in North America, and our team of industry experts specializes in technologically advanced end-to-end logistics management.

No rail? No problem! With over 30 integrated transfer and waste disposal facilities, we’ll design an alternative that meets your needs. Using intermodal rail containers, motor carriers and gondola rail cars, we can partner with municipal, private, or other third-party haulers to meet your unique waste disposal needs.


Industries We Serve

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Construction & Demolition
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Government & Municipal Services
  • Healthcare & Pharmacology
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil & Gas
  • Steel & Metal
  • Transportation


Waste We Handle

Map of WIN Waste locations. Our team of industry experts specializes in technologically advanced end-to-end logistics management.




Reliable and Responsible Special Waste Handling

Count on WIN to deliver customized, compliant special waste disposal solutions for materials that need special treatment or handling. Contact us today for a comprehensive list of all special waste materials we can help you responsibly dispose of.


Confidential or sensitive documents—paper, CD-ROM, or tape.

Contraband Capacity

Illegal drugs, weapons, or patent/trademark infringement products.


Consumer Products

Defective, damaged, recalled, or outdated consumer products.



Pharmaceutical wastes, including off specification production runs, returned goods, and API’s.


Oily Waste

Any waste contaminated with oil including manufacturing waste, packaging, speedy dry, scraps, rags, filters, etc.



Turning Special Waste Into Energy

At our special waste facilities, we turn your waste into renewable energy that powers our communities. We take great pride in making your waste disposal as easy as possible by:

  • Assisting with all manual off-load special waste needs
  • Maintaining flexible scheduling including second-shift disposal times to accommodate your schedule
  • Adding new, powerful steel drum shredders for heavy-duty industrial waste disposal
  • Guaranteeing the destruction of your sensitive information, products, or other waste
  • Providing an Assured Destruction Certificate immediately after destruction for total peace of mind




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Interested in turnkey solutions for your unique waste disposal needs, delivered in a way that makes your operations more sustainable? WIN Waste Innovations can help.


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