Commercial Compactor Rental

Reduce the size and volume of materials for fewer hauls.

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Save Time, Space, and Money

WIN Waste Innovations provides commercial compactor solutions that can help reduce the volume of your waste — minimizing the number of dumpsters and hauls you need for a more cost-effective solution. Each compactor is configured to your unique needs and built to manage a variety of waste streams, helping improve safety for your employees. After you fill it, we’ll take care of the rest — with convenient and reliable pickup, disposal, and processing.

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The Right Compactor for Your Project

Whether you run a manufacturing facility, major retailer, stadium, college, hotel, hospital, apartment complex, convention center or warehouse, we can help find the right strategic compactor solutions for your needs.

Self-Contained Compactor

Designed to handle primarily wet waste and best for grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, dairies, universities, and stadiums as well as for residential communities.

How it works: The compactor body and container are built as an integral unit. The entire container is loaded onto a roll off truck and hauled to the disposal.

Stationary Compactor

Designed to handle primarily dry waste and best for large retailers and manufacturers.

How it works: The container breaks away from the compacting unit. The compactor remains on the customer site while the container is loaded onto a roll off truck and hauled to the disposal site.

Apartment-Style Compactor

Designed to fit into facility trash rooms and best for apartments, hotels, office buildings, and other high-rise facilities.

How it works: These compactors are activated by photo sensor (electric eye) for convenient compaction. With hand-feed hoppers, chute systems, or through-the-wall installations, these powerful yet compact units keep compactors well-hidden and preserve your property’s aesthetics.

Speak with an Expert

Let us help you. Contact us today to schedule a free site evaluation and waste audit to find the right compactor solution for you — so you can focus on running your business with the confidence that your waste will be handled in the most reliable and sustainable way possible. Click here or call 1-866-WIN-WASTE

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Frequently asked questions related to a commercial compactor rental.

A compactor is a machine that pushes material into a container at pressures that reduce the volume of waste. If you have a large business with a high waste stream (such as manufacturers, stadiums, colleges, hotels, or hospitals), a compactor may lower costs by reducing hauls and minimizing the number of containers you need. 

A WIN Waste Innovations experts will provide an onsite evaluation and recommend the best compactor for your needs. Call 1-866-WIN-WASTE for your free waste audit.

Our team will help you find a place that is accessible to our drivers and safe for your employees and customers. We’ll handle pickup, disposal, processing, and maintenance.