Delivering Sustainable Waste Solutions

We’re committed to finding solutions that improve the health and safety of our environment.

Focus on Performance for the Planet

Changing the world starts with just one action — it can be the catalyst to support a healthier world. At WIN Waste Innovations, we go further. We have a dual focus on customer service and sustainability: Performance for the Planet.

Our curb-to-grid waste solutions serve our customers and communities through safe and responsible waste disposal and clean, renewable energy production that powers homes and communities. We’re proud to do our part to preserve habitats, promote sustainability, and engage community volunteers and employees in protecting the planet.

customer meeting at waste to energy facility

Curb-to-Grid Sustainable Waste Management

WIN Waste Innovations owns every point of the waste cycle — from curbside pick-up to providing renewable energy to the grid — and our innovations drive more sustainable solutions at each point. By planning the most efficient routes to reduce our carbon footprint while picking up your waste, and transferring it to our waste-to-energy facilities to bring clean, renewable energy to the electric grid — together, we can use your waste to power the world.

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Your Sustainability Partner

By choosing WIN Waste Innovations to process your waste and recycling, you are doing your part to protect the planet. Together, by processing 11 million tons of waste each year, we are powering more than 340,000 homes with clean energy offsetting the need for fossil fuels, recovering 376,000 tons of paper, plastic, and metals from the waste stream, and transforming your waste for good.

As we build our sustainability roadmap for the future, we take pride in being your trusted partner to deliver essential waste management services while preserving the environment and investing our time, money, and efforts in innovative solutions to conserve the health of our planet.

  • Recycling Bales

    Turning recyclables into raw materials for new products.

  • Construction Dumpster Wood Recovery

    Recovering building materials and resources such as wood, concrete, and metal for reuse.

  • Boston sky lit up at night

    Transforming waste into renewable energy that powers our communities and planet.

  • Ecology Teacher and students doing research in woods

    Creating partnerships and investing in emerging technologies to drive sustainable solutions.

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Stay informed on all that WIN Waste Innovations is doing to be an essential part of our communities by creating a more sustainable way of life. 

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