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Purpose driven service from collections to clean energy.

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Create Your Sustainability Story

By carefully managing the waste management process from collections at the curb to recycling and disposal at our waste-to-energy locations, WIN Waste Innovations can ensure that sustainability is at the forefront of every step — we call it curb-to-grid.

By planning the most efficient routes to reduce our carbon footprint while picking up your waste, and transferring it to our waste-to-energy facilities to bring clean, renewable energy to the electric grid — together, we can use your waste to power the world.


What is Curb-to-Grid?

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    Collections vehicles use efficient, optimized routes to pick up your waste.

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    Your waste is transferred to one of our waste-to-energy facilities where it is converted into clean renewable energy.

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    This energy is sent back to the electric grid to help power the world.

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    You’re provided with a sustainability report that illustrates your impact on the environment.

Be Part of the Solution

No matter the size or type of your business, we can tailor waste solutions that are strategic for your business and good for our planet. By recycling your waste to offset the need for new products and reusing what’s left to create clean, renewable energy, we can help you choose the most sustainable service that’s right for you. Access to regular reporting means you can track the impact we’re making together to create a healthier planet.


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Lead More by Impacting Less

For businesses with a complex waste stream, WIN Waste Innovations offers a more robust sustainability solution. With our Green Glove Services, we work with you to develop the waste solution that minimizes your environmental impact and helps you reach your sustainability goals — working to divert waste from landfills, recycling what’s possible and then creating clean, renewable energy to power communities with the rest. Our customized sustainability reporting will show how your waste is being used as a resource and recycled into renewable energy — illustrating your impact by measuring the waste diverted from landfills, weight of recycled materials and megawatts of energy produced.


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Learn More About Curb-to-Grid

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