Commercial Dumpster Services

Find the commercial dumpster and flexible plan that’s right for your business.

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Whether you own a local pizza shop or manage a large manufacturing plant, we can help you find the right size commercial dumpster rental and conveniently deliver it where and when you need it.

64-Gallon Container

Best for small businesses with low volumes of waste and very limited space.

Holds: 3 large trash bags

96-Gallon Container

Best for businesses with low volumes of waste and limited space.

Holds: 7 large trash bags

2-Yard Dumpster

Best for small restaurants, retail stores, and companies with up to 25 employees. 

Holds: 12 large trash bags or 400 pounds

4-Yard Dumpster

Best for midsize restaurants and companies with up to 100 employees. 

Holds: 24 large trash bags or 800 pounds 

6-Yard Dumpster

Best for apartment buildings and mid to large businesses with up to 250 employees.

Holds: 36 large trash bags or 1,200 pounds 

8-Yard Dumpster

Best for large businesses with up to 500 employees. 

Holds: 48 large trash bags or 1,800 pounds 

10-Yard Dumpster

Best for large manufacturers and warehouses with high volume waste streams. 

Holds: 52 large trash bags or 2,400 pounds

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Frequently asked questions related to a commercial dumpster rental.

WIN Waste Innovations offers a variety of containers, bins, commercial dumpsters, and compactors depending on the size of your business, type, and amount of waste and space available. Our customer service team (call 1-866-WIN-WASTE) will help find the right solution for your needs.

Our team will help you find a place that is accessible to our drivers and safe for your employees and customers. We also have solutions, such as 96-gallon containers, if your space is limited.

Paper, plastics, and metal items are generally acceptable for a commercial dumpsters. Our team can help you and your staff with any questions based on your type of waste and local regulations. 

Hazardous items such as aerosols, batteries, appliances, and other medical, chemical or special wastes are never unacceptable for a commercial dumpster. We can help work with you to find an environmentally safe special waste solution for your needs. 

A compactor is a machine that pushes material into a container at pressures that reduce the volume of waste. If you have a large business with a high waste stream (such as manufacturers, stadiums, colleges, hotels, or hospitals), a compactor may lower costs by reducing hauls and minimizing the number of containers you need. Learn more about our compactor solutions.